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Preparing For Furniture Delivery..

We all know the stress of having furniture delivered to your home. Sometimes it can even put us off ordering that new sofa we so desperately need. But Edmonton Furniture is here to help! We want to show you that as long as you follow a few simple steps before and after delivery we can take the pain away and save you the trouble to make everything a little more easy.

Step 1 - Check Measurements: Double check the measurements of the item by visiting our features & dimensions section on the item's webpage on our website. Every item available online comes with dimensions (however if there's a particular measurement you are looking for that's not listed on this page please don't hesitate to ask us!)

Step 2 - Check the Desired Location:  With the measurements obtained online check to see if this item will fit in the desired location and if you will need to move any existing furniture around to accommodate it.

Step 3 - Check Path from Street to Room: To ensure that your home will be accessible by our Home Delivery Team we advise our customers to walk the path that our delivery team will take with your furniture items to the destined room and have your measuring tape with you to take a few simple measurements.

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