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Minimalism is a pursuit of the essence of things, not the appearance. Minimalistic furniture and articles will bring the ultimate sophistication that your home needs. Going minimal is the newest and most embraced trend today, giving your home that simple, clean, timeless look.


It’s a style in art, that uses the smallest range of materials and colours possible, while using only very simple shapes or forms for essentials and ornamental decor. Minimalism, the intention of voluntary simplicity is not to dogmatically live with less. It’s a more demanding intention of living with balance…

Benefits of a minimalistic home:

Less Stress: Objects in your home take your attention, at least a little. Fewer objects create less obstructions and leads to less stress. Minimal homes are calming in look and feel.

More Appeal: From the above pictures which one do you find more appealing? The second picture with less furniture, clean lines, less decorative pieces and artwork is definitely more appealing than the picture that is shouting with too much furniture and decorations. Minimalist style is setting the trend and gaining more and more appeal.

Cleaner homes: Just think about it! Minimal homes have less objects which means less cleaning required. The empty space makes it easier to keep your homes clean.

Cost effective: Having less furniture can cost you less and also help you focus on quality over quantity. A minimal furniture selection will give your home a spacious look as well as help you save money.

How to go minimal?

Minimalistic style is one of the easiest styles to follow. Just minimize how much you put in a room. Use space wisely but make sure it is not causing clutter.

Furniture: The biggest thing in any room is the furniture. Minimal style dictates that you have beautiful furniture pieces that will fill the space and bring your room together. Your furniture is the focal point. Try to stick to basic forms and shapes when it comes to purchasing furniture. You can also go abstract, as abstract art uses basic shapes to create new unusual shapes and styles.

Colours and Patterns: 

Colours – Match the colours scattered around the house, like the kitchen, the living room, bedroom, mudroom, even the curtains & sheets and the Furniture too. Don’t have too many colours, and try to include subdued colours. It is okay to have a splash of bright of colour though. Go pastel, or use any colour that doesn’t stress the eyes.

Patterns – Complex patterns like florals or checkers should be avoided. Keep the surfaces clear and plain. Solid colours are best for floor coverings, furniture, etc.

Artwork and Decorations:

Artwork – Of course, going minimal does not mean you live in a boring house with absolutely no sense of creativity. To keep your home from being boring, put up a painting, motivational art work, or a picture with a classy solid colour frame. But while doing this, remember not to  fill up the space too much and clutter it. Tip: Keep in mind the aesthetics and alignments.

Decorations – Have simple decorations to accent your minimal room. A vase of flowers or a small indoor potted plant will do the trick for your coffee table. If your room is a subdued colour, your decorations could be brighter to give a splash of colour and energy.

Share your thoughts on minimalist style with us.  Does this trend resonate with you?

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