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How to Select the Perfect Dining Table?

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

A space called the dining room is where friends and family sit together over a lovely meal to share jokes, stories and catch up. It’s the table that brings people together that make holidays and festivals memorable. For a Thanksgiving dinner or a Christmas Brunch, the table is beautifully decorated, full of lavish meals prepared with love. But a beautiful dining table doesn’t always have to be about its aesthetics. There are other factors that you need to consider before you rush to the furniture store to find your perfect dining table.


One of the most important considerations for choosing the perfect dining table is how and where is the table is going to be used. If the dining room is an extension of the kitchen into the living room, chances are you’ll use it pretty often. Your usage could stretch from just food preparations, serving, and dining to doing homework, crafts, as a coffee table, working on laptops, etc.

You must look for something more casual in style instead of bold materials like granite or marble. For multipurpose usage, look for dining tables with a durable surface that will resist nearly all kinds of damage. However, if you’re searching for a formal dining table, a more ornate style with a delicate finish would be a good choice.

If you live alone but frequently have guests over that will eventually use the dining room/table, you could consider a dining table with an extension. Furniture stores have dining tables with extensions that you can pull out when there are more than 2/4 people using it.


It’s important that you choose a dining table and chairs that are comfortable, perfect height to work and eat properly, and fit the scale of the room. Think of the space as Goldilocks would. You wouldn’t want a dining table that is too tiny or too big for the room. Some basic measurement guidelines would help in finding the perfectly sized dining table.

  • 24" distance between the table and the wall- chairs can easily be pushed back and forth to sit and get up.

  • 38" distances between the table and the wall- if space is needed around/behind the table to walk.

  • 48" is the maximum width of the table- so that guests can pass things across easily and conversations are heard.

  • 36" is the minimum width of the table- so that there isn’t any difficulty in placing and serving foods on the table.



  • Most commonly used shape as most dining rooms are rectangular

  • Great shape for seating more than 4 people

  • Flexible enough to have extensions


  • Looks best in a square room

  • Great shape when you have a small guest list

  • Can always put two square tables to form a big rectangular table

  • Works as a coffee table as well


  • Works best in small rooms or studio apartments

  • A small round table is more convenient than a large round table as guests may feel away from each other on a bigger round table. Also, it may eat up a lot of space.


  • Similar to a rectangular table but appears smaller due to its rounded edges

  • Fits great in a narrow room

  • Flexible as many oval tables can be extended into bigger tables.

You could also custom-make designer dining sets with our team of craftsmen to give your dining/living room the much-needed makeover!

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