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How to Look After Your Glass-top Table

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

If you have custom-made furniture where your family gathers every night, it must be the centrepiece of your living or family room. To ensure that your glass-top table stays in the best dazzling condition, you must follow these maintenance tips and see that you take good care of it.

Clean the Table Gently

Your glass-top dining table may seem like an alluring addition to your space, but you must also be careful while cleaning it. Choose the right products when it comes to wet cleaning or even dry wiping the glass-top. Firstly, use a mild yet tough-on-stains glass surface cleaner for your table, something like Windex Glass Cleaner with Ammonia-D. You can even use your window cleaning chemical. Next, use a lint-free, absorbent glass cleaning cloth, such as a soft and squishy microfiber or cotton cloth. Spray the cleaner directly on the table, and wipe it off with a soft cloth. You can even use Lysol Disinfecting Wipes instead of investing in two different products.

Clean the Underside

Whether you have a 100% clear glass-top table that adds style to your room or has a decorative glass dining table, don't miss out on the underside. Your favourite store-bought or custom-made furniture should look dainty from every angle. You can use the same products to wipe the underside of the table and get rid of stains and grime.

Try Home-hacks to Wipe

There's a simple way out to clean your glass-top table regularly after every use or get rid of tough stains. Prepare a 50-50 solution of water and white vinegar in a spray bottle and make your homemade glass table cleaner. Squirt the mixture over the glass top and even on the underside. Wipe the damp table with a lint-free cloth as mentioned above. You can even use a soft tissue paper to wipe the table clean and dry.


  • Sliding anything across such as vases or plates to prevent the table from scratching.

  • Sitting on your glass-top table.

  • Doing activities like painting or craftwork that involves blades and scissors.

  • Using any other placemat material except soft cloth or flexible vinyl.

  • Using a balled-up newspaper or any thick cloth to wipe and clean the table.

If your glass-top table is losing its beauty and has started to look outdated, consider getting a new custom-made furniture piece to complement your home's environment.

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