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4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a New Sofa

Did your pet just destroy the old sofa set that you were struggling to maintain? Or do you have kids around that spoil the sofa with spillage of food and fluids? Well, some furniture damages cannot be treated specially for designer sofa sets. In such cases, you would consider going to the furniture store to look for a new sofa set or rather go for some custom made furniture sets that will suit your usage and lifestyle much better. In both cases, there are certain common mistakes that many make when buying a new sofa. This list will help you make the right choice during your purchase decision process at a furniture store.

1. Buying a Sofa that is Too Big or Too Small

This is the most common of all mistakes made during a new sofa purchase. This happens when you don't measure your space or the sofa you selected at the furniture store. While you select a sofa set, don’t go by how big or small the sofa looks in the store or showroom. It has to fit in your living room and match the size of the other furniture at your home. Choose a sofa set that will last longer than all the older sets.

2. Buying a Sofa Before Trying It Out

Just as your sofa shouldn’t be too small or too big for your home space, it shouldn’t be too small or too big for you as well. If you are tall, ensure that the seats of the sofa are deep so that you can sit comfortably. If you are above 6ft and have knee issues, it’s suggested that you choose sofas with shallow seats that let you rise out of it easily. Never buy a sofa before trying it out, sit on it, use the sofa like you would at home. Make sure the cushions and the back of the sofa are firm or soft depending on what you are comfortable with.

3. Buying the Wrong Style of Sofa

Your selected sofa must coordinate with the colors and style of the other furniture at your home. It shouldn’t be that the sofa you purchased looks out of place in the living room. You should be comfortable with the sofa, not just by sitting on it, but with how that particular style of the sofa functions for you. Having a recliner sofa in the midst of wooden chairs and tables would be a little off-centric to the overall design of the living room.

4. Selecting the Wrong Fabric or Color

Selecting the wrong fabric for your sofa can be an expensive mistake. Select the fabric depending on the usage of the sofa and its placement in the living room. If there is frequent and heavy use of the sofa, going for a delicate fabric and pastel colors would be destroyed sooner than your older sofa set.

By choosing custom-made sofa sets, you can conveniently avoid these mistakes as all the design specifications are according to your preferences. Also, purchasing ready sofa-sets by avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes can help you find the perfect cozy sofa-set for your living room.

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