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5 Sofa Colours to Complement Your Living Room

Who said that your living room sofa is just a piece of furniture where you can lie down after a tiring day? Your sofa is a lot more than just a thing to sit on. It is a designer furniture element that can redefine the ambience of your living room. A sofa can either complement your decorous walls and lavish accessories or simply make your living room gloomy. So if you are planning to buy a new sofa for your new or existing space, be very picky and make the right choices. Look for the style, material, length, height, stuffing, and colour, and only then choose your perfect living room sofa. You can consider getting one of these colours for your sofa.

1. Gorgeous Neutrals

When in doubt, look for neutrals. Beige, pastel, off-white, grey, and pale shades of every colour can be ideal picks for your living room, no matter what the colour of your home walls is. These highly versatile shades can blend seamlessly with practically any living room decor. So if you have dark or light-coloured home walls, light and neutral designer furniture will go well in your living room.

2. Exquisite Black

Are you someone who loves modish and exquisite home interiors? If yes, then a black sofa and other designer furniture pieces are all you need. Whether you pick simple black couch or a stylish and more fashionable one, it will still look rich and posh. So, opt for this colour when you don’t think anything else would suit your living room.

3. Modish Tan

Tan or darker shades of brown have always been a contemporary choice for people planning to create classic home interiors. The biggest advantage of this colour is that it goes well with all kinds of wall colours and patterns. So whether you wish to create a sophisticated home ambience or want to make it more alluring, tan can be your first pick.

4. Refreshing Citruses

If you wish to move away from the contemporary picks, think about yellows, oranges, limes, and other citrusy shades. These colours are ideal if you want to make your home like a vivid masterpiece or wish to add a dash of colours in the environment. Oranges, yellows, limes, tangerines, and shades of these hues perfectly match with white, beige, or dark, contrasting colours (for instance, lime designer furniture with indigo walls). If you have artistic walls and an accent wall with patterns in your living room, shades of citrus fruits are just the right fit for you.

5. Fashionable Reds

Red sofas are the picks for homeowners looking for a bold pop of colour in their space. Any shade of red, ranging from deep red to coral can match your home walls. Red couches can perfectly blend in your home’s decor if you have white, shades of grey, black, or contrasting pastel-coloured living room walls.

If you aren’t able to find the right type of sofa for your living room in the market, you can check out our online store. You may even get some more interesting colours on our store that you may consider for your living space.

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