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Dining Table Shapes: Which One is Right For You?

Dining tables are a substantial piece of furniture that change the appearance of the space where it is kept. Some tables are kept in the living room, while others are in the kitchen space. Some dining tables that are round in shape, function as coffee tables. So how do you decide which table perfectly fits your space? The two factors that determine the shape of your dining table are the shape and size of your living or dining room and the number of people that will be using the table. So before you rush to the furniture store to pick your dining table, consider these shape specifications.

Rectangular Dining Table

The rectangular dining table is the most common shape, also there is a very good reason for it as most dining rooms are also rectangular. A seven seater rectangular dining table set predesigned at our furniture store can be a good choice if you want to fit more than four people at the same time. Some rectangular dining tables come with an extra leaf which extends in length that can seat additional guests.

Ideally, a rectangular dining table should be between 36 inches to 42 inches wide. Narrow dining tables do work well in narrow spaces but if the dining table is any narrower than 36 inches there wouldn’t be enough space to keep food and fit plates simultaneously. If you wish to have a narrow rectangular dining table, you might want to consider having the food kept on the sideboard like a buffet so that your guests can have more room on the dining table.

Square Dining Table

Square dining tables look best with square-shaped rooms. Square dining tables are also a great solution when your guest list doesn’t exceed more than four. If you have a large group but have a squarish space, you could add extendable leaves to your square dining table. If you have a bigger space, having a bigger square table isn’t smart but having two square tables that could join as one big rectangular table is clever. The table can be split when needed.

Round Dining Tables

The square table isn’t the only solution for a small space or a square-shaped living room. A round dining table can be another possibility for the shape that suits smaller spaces or for smaller gatherings. On a round table, everyone can see everyone and it is easy to communicate. The setting of the round table feels cosier and friendly.

Make note that the round table is not ideal for a large gathering. Yes, you would think of a larger round table. Sure, that can fit everyone where you can still see everyone but you might have to shout to the other end for the person to hear you clearly. The space between people will increase with a larger diameter. Besides, most dining rooms aren’t that large to fit in large round tables.

Although it’s exciting to decide which dining table design suits your space, you also need the right measurements and area calculations. As long as you keep these points in mind, you can make the right choice for your dining table or you could simply contact the furniture experts to make that choice for you.

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