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Advice on Designing Custom Furniture for Your Home

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

You might already have a vision for your home interior decor. Whether you choose to redesign your existing space or design your new home, you might have already researched on the first priority of interior decorating— that’s right, the Furniture! So, instead of searching for the perfect furniture, why not create your own piece of perfection that exquisitely suits your style, trendy taste, and status. But before you begin designing your custom furniture, here’s what you should you do.

Determine the Room’s Purpose

Before even thinking of custom furniture, it’s important to identify the purpose and layout of the space that needs the furniture. Determine what furniture actually qualifies for customization. Debate on its functionality and size. The purpose of the room also changes when you are converting one room into another, where furniture will change accordingly. Focus on current priorities and circumstances if you are thinking of designing custom furniture for your existing home.

Leave Some Free Space

Don’t go overboard with customizing each piece of furniture for your home. Leaving some free space will make the room appear larger. Overcrowding the room with furniture can lead to restlessness and lesser free walk zone. Also, the room will appear cluttered and untidy if too many items of furniture are customized in one room.

Consider Aesthetics

It’s easy to be overwhelmed with designing or redecorating a room. But you must not forget the existing design of the other rooms of your home. All of the spaces and furniture must aesthetically blend with each other. There should be consistency in the elements of interior design with respect to style, choice of furniture, materials, fabric, etc. when transitioning from one room to another.

Do’s and Don’ts of Custom Furniture


  • Ensure that your decorating style matches with the architecture of your home. Don’t force a modern furniture look if you own an older bungalow or villa. Try to customize furniture partly suiting the heritage of the building.

  • If you still wish for an old vs new look for your home, consider mix and match of furniture styles. Add something that’s aged compared to the room, e.g. a vintage clock, timber shelves, antique decorations, etc.

  • Give designing custom furniture its own time. There isn’t any need to rush any decorating work. The best spaces are those that took the most making-time.


  • Design and install furniture up against or touching the walls. This prevents damage to the furniture as well as the wall texture, wallpaper, or paint. This also increases the lifespan of your furniture.

  • Choose a similar height, shape, color, or pattern for the interior decorations for your furniture and your home. Adding a little variety creates a rhythm to the design of the space.

  • Decorate only around one color for your custom furniture designs. Avoid choosing a typical theme for each room.

To find out more about designing custom furniture, get in touch with our skilled team of custom furniture designers and craftsmen.

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