Edmonton Furniture Shop was Established in 2018. After months of market research in Furniture Retail, it came to our attention that Furniture Customers were being misguided by many stores about quality,material and Product Life.

At Edmonton Furniture Shop every piece of furniture is brought in after quality check. We always brief our Customers about product And it's manufacturing History.All Of our Sofas are proudly manufactured and designed in Canada by highly skilled Designers and Workers,quality checked at Every phase from Wood Frame Works to stitching upholstery.

By Purchasing from Edmonton Furniture Shop you will not only get furniture that is durable,strong,good looking and custom built according to your requirements but also you can have peace of mind that you will walk away as a satisfied Customer.

Our Team Works hard and Travels to different manufacturing units and Furniture Shows throughout America and Canada so that we can walk with time in order to Bring Fine and fancy furniture to Edmonton Homes.

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